<h2>Jesus—Friend of Sinners</h2>

Jesus—Friend of Sinners

Episode: 507

Season: 5

Joy is excited to have new Christian friends and church activities to be wrapped up in. But, when one of Joy’s oldest and best friends invites her to her birthday party, Joy is unsure about going because it conflicts with a church group event. Joy doesn't know how to be the "new her" around her "old friends" who are not Christians. What if they don’t accept her? Is it okay to hang out with unsaved friends? Superbook takes the kids back to three Bible stories: The Parable of the Great Supper, The Calling of Matthew, the Tax Collector and The Sinful Woman. Joy is surprised when she sees how Jesus chose to spend so much of his time with sinners, tax collectors, the poor and those with infirmities. Jesus accepted everyone. Joy decides to attend Jolie's birthday party and realizes that the only way she'll ever be able to be more like Jesus is to follow His example in all she does. Luke 14:7-24

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He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.


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  • Videos

    Jesus Teaches About Humility

    • Jesus Teaches About Humility
    • The Parable of the Great Feast
    • The Call of Matthew
    • The Sinful Woman
    • Jesus - Friend of Sinners - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • What exactly is our connection and relationship with God through Christ?

    • How much does Jesus know about me?

    • Is it okay to want to be seen by others?

    • As a follower of Christ, should I only associate with Christians?

    • Does Jesus forgive sins today like He did in the Bible?