<h2>Jesus Feeds the Hungry</h2>

Jesus Feeds the Hungry

Episode: 401

Season: 4

Superbook takes the kids back to the wedding of Cana. The wedding feast is nearly ruined when they run out of wine, but Jesus miraculously changes water into wine. Superbook then takes the kids to witness Jesus feeding over five thousand people by multiplying a few fish and five loaves of bread into a feast. John 6:11

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Whatever Jesus says to you, do it. The little He asks from you will be multiplied in His hands.


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    Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

    • Jesus Feeds Five Thousand
    • Water into Wine
    • Jesus Feeds the Hungry - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Can Jesus do something with what little I have?

    • Does Jesus care about my smaller needs?

    • Must I include Jesus in everything I do?

    • Why does God test my faith?

    • Does God always have a plan?