<h2>David and Saul</h2>

David and Saul

Episode: 307

Season: 3

Chris vows to take revenge on some teens, but Superbook whisks the trio off to meet David, who has become a great warrior and foe to an angry and jealous King Saul. Chris watches as David shows mercy to Saul. After seeing David’s act of mercy, Chris decides against vengeance, and leaves judgement to God. 1 Peter 3:9

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“We should not take revenge. We should repay evil with good”


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  • Videos

    David Calms King Saul’s Torment

    • David Calms King Saul’s Torment
    • David Spares Saul’s Life
    • King Saul Attacks David
    • Samuel Rebukes King Saul
    • David Anointed King
    • David and Saul - The Salvation Poem
  • Q & A

    • Can I take revenge on someone who has wronged me?

    • God's Spirit came upon Saul and David. Does the Spirit come upon us in the same way?

    • Saul was jealous of David; why is jealousy harmful to us?

    • David showed respect to Saul even when Saul was evil. Do we always have to show respect to leaders?

    • Do I really need to admit to God that I have sinned; doesn't He already know?